-He had returned to the k9 a few days after the Conversation with Maz-San he stood in the middle of the fight club, soaking in her words, he closed the eyes as the breeze from the front opening passed by him, the echos of the empty k9 singing to him, He thought back to when he was on top of the world a head of security agent. For that agency but lost it all when they threw him to the way said, he knew he had to trust Maz-san at this point. he ran his thumb along his jaw line some opening his eyes, the look in his eyes could tell people he wasn't that kind and welcoming person anymore, But that person died when he got a knife driven into his heart, he slowly let his arm drop to his side his slowly gazed around with the echos singing to him, those blue eyes were piercing, with the tales of someone betrayed by everything he knew. he slowly walked out to the front of the k9 club leaning on the railing looking over watching the pedestrians walk by he also watched a few imp officers walking by on their patrols he just scuffed some his distain toward authority as pretty visible, he walked away from the railing proceeding to make his way down to ground level-