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AGIS Medical, INSILICO region

AGIS have a position available for a medic to serve the INSILICO city region. Formal training is not required as this is an entry level position, although experienced applicants are also welcome.

The successful applicant will be based in the state-of-the-art medical facility in the south region of the city and will be expected after training to handle the usual range of patients with injuries up to category 3.

We offer remuneration of up to 20-35 credits per day, depending on relevant skill and experience, as this is a position that will require exposure to first-response situations.

Hours are flexible and pay will reflect this.

AGIS is an equal opportunities employer and this position is open to humans (augmented or pure baseline), fabricants and artificials alike.

Appointments can be made by sending a secure message to Tae Westing (slrpb) or one of the capable fabricants (CasXV and LuxXVI).

// tw/24880414