[OOC] Phase 497

AEON a posted Feb 6, 17  -  INSILICOOOC

Sooooo...the long and short of it is this: InSilico has a new website (THIS ONE). I asked awhile ago that people backup what they could of their postings, and this is why. This situation isn't an ideal one, so I'll just jump into a preemptive FAQ here to address the what, whys and hows...

Q: What is the new website?
A: insilico.online (yes, that is URL. http://www.insilico.online)

Q: Why is the INSILICO website moving?

A: Because we are not in a position to have confidence in the Ning platform. The Ning company has changed hands at least a couple times in recent months, and that has coincided with an increased number of technical issues that are slow to be acknowledged...let alone resolved. We also don't currently have access to the original creator account, which means our hands are tied when it comes to supporting it. We don't even know for certain when the next renewal date is. Despite having my payment info on file, Ning has been non-responsive to inquiries. There's also the lack of development, growth, etc. that has contributed to this.

Q: Who is hosting the site now?

A: We moved to Enjin. It was robust enough to deliver on most of the features we need, and it could be deployed quickly. Given that we don't know when the Ning might go POOF, we were time conscious here. We wanted to make sure we had something in place quickly that would allow for only a minimum of disruption. Ideally I would have preferred to have everything self hosted, but that takes time and devoting resources into developing. Given the constraints, this was a good alternative.

Q: What new features are there?

A: Enjinn is forum based, so it is decidedly more robust in that aspect than the Ning is. I've created both IC and OOC forums, blog forums, and a number of other features to try to make it feel more "IC". It is still a work in progress as to how things might be presented, but the core is there. There is also a new wiki, events calendar, chat rooms, profile spaces, and a tag system which allows us to make areas visible only for specific groups/factions. Application forms will be integrated for things like player rentals and group membership. 

Q: What's going to happen to all the INSILICO content on Ning? 

A: That's a good question, but there is no definitive solution. I've gotten the basic setting overviews up in the new wiki, and I am continuing to cull the Ning for information and specifics that will be given dedicated wiki pages. I'm also using that to construct a historical timeline which players can use more efficiently than searching blog posts. Again, work in progress here, but nothing that would prohibit using and adding to the new site.

As far as player content, pictures, blogs, etc...that's a bit more difficult. Ning has an archive utility, but that requires access to the creator account (which we don't have). However, as far as we can tell, there isn't an efficient way to import content from one site to the other. At the very least I'm hoping that we can archive the Ning site so that the data is accessible for searching. Other than that, we're starting from scratch. You can manually post whatever blogs that you want to have on the new site. I do ask that everyone only import what is essential for now (random pictures/video etc that aren't important to the story should be given low priority. With any luck I will be able to get an archive of those up at some point in the future). I know this isn't going to make some people happy, but it's the best that we can offer at the moment. I will keep everyone updated on our progress, one way or another.

Q: What happens now?

A: At least that's an easier question. Go to the new site, join it, and start using it. We will not be approving any new Ning sign-ups going forward. I may post updates about the new site here too just to cover all ground, but everything else will be done over at insilico.online. So update your bookmarks. For the next couple weeks, there will be no applications or approval needed for "new" members. Since the majority of sign-ups will be for current InSilico players, we don't want there to be any bottlenecks in the migration process. After things have stabilized (and any bugs discovered), we can get things back to normal.